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The Screenwriting Process

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    You can work through the different steps of the process from initial idea to full script.

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    I'm interested in talking to other screenwriters. I want to see whether I can offer them some help.

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Some of my Blog Posts

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  • How to write screenplay action…

    A clapperboard - how to write screenplay action

    A reader got in touch recently with a dilemma about their latest screenplay. They were really happy with the dialogue and structure – but they had concerns that they couldn’t get the hang of writing screenplay action. Their action lines were a little too long, a little too meandering - they thought – a little too novelistic. I […]

  • 4 Screenwriting Lessons from Begin Again

    I went to see Begin Again last week, and liked it. It’s a cute little summer flick, veritably over-flowing with summery whimsy. It features Keira Knightley as a young optimistic songstress, Mark Ruffalo as a drunken studio exec, James Corden as a jolly chubby best friend (…cast against-type), and some guy I didn’t recognise from a band I’d never heard of […]

  • On the benefits of putting off writing…

    Diagram showing percentage of time taken putting off writing.

    You hear from a lot of writers that they don’t like writing, but they love having written. I think I’m kind of the same – except the one thing that I really hate most is being just about to write. When I’m actually sat at my laptop, I have ups and downs, but there’s nothing worse than […]