If I’m entirely honest with you – I’m not entirely sure what that “the” in the url bar is all about. It kinda, sorta, seems to imply that there is only one way of approaching screenwriting, and only one way of constructing that mystical, magical document we call a screenplay.

I don’t think you buy that. I don’t buy that — and I’m the one who bought the domain. I’m also pretty dubious about any experts or gurus who tell you otherwise. The truth is that there are approximately 500 billion ways to go about creating 110 pages worthy to by filmed. The process I’m trying to pull together in this blog is just one of them (and not a very coherent one at that!)

In fact, calling it a process is probably going a little bit too far. Really, what I’ve tried to do on this site is bring together a collections of tools, resources and random thoughts that – at least I hope – might help you complete the slog of getting your own screenplay written.

Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. I’m not going to make any guarantees.

Read this far, and still interested to know about the process? Have a noodle around!